Fire Burns Bright. Contemplations by Gaea Lady

Fire Burns bright.

Creates Heat :: allowing for the sacred intimacy that the flame ignites. This intimacy reveals itself in our relationships with other humans, our relationship with nature + the universe, and our relationship with our very selves.

Contemplating fire and watching the flame consume and burn, heat and transform matter into ether and Air and energy, we can contemplate how are inner Flame does the same to us and our energy and very being.

What is your inner Flame? What is my inner Flame? My inner flame Burns bright, it is not to be located physically, but energetically lives in the middle. This Flame in my core allows for my body's processes to physically happen, my spirits drive to move through life in a positive energetic, and burning space. This inner flame drives me to create as an artist, to be the best person I can be, and to express all of this Divine Oneness through my physical body.

Sometimes I forget about the power this Flame. The flame becomes background and I moved from my extremities and pull from the Flames of others, sometimes dimming them in ways I do not like. I strive to remember my own flame, recognize that it's fuel is infinite, it comes from somewhere deeper than the physical plane and never need go out unless by my own volition or death.

Together, we could all burn brighter. Lifting each other up and community and collaboration, with communication and understanding. Allowing others to burn bright and allow yourself to burn bright with them. We all lift each other up together. There's no reason to put others down so you may burn bright.


Kiki Mason