Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat 2019 Recap

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"All you need to do is show up... the rest will take care of itself."

Showing up can sometimes be the hardest part.  In February 2019, 22 souls came together in Costa Rica to dive deeply into the transformational power of the fire element.  Some had no idea what “firedancing” even was! And some had already begun the journey with fire and came ready to dive deeper into the practice.

Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat was birthed by Kiki and Gaea Lady with the seeds of intention to call in a new paradigm of sisterhood, with fire and ritual dance as the medium to connect, collaborate, support and celebrate each other and offer a safe space to be seen and heard in all of our fullness.

We were ready!  We were present. 

We held space for each other and lovingly embraced all that arose. And in the process of diving into our heart space during our week together, we healed some deep wounds.  We became full... we connected to our own inner flames and connected to the inner flames of our sisters... from a place of rawness and beautiful vulnerability.  In this space, deep transformation is possible.  Healing is possible.

What transpired at Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat?


We transformed our worlds.  We danced with fire.  We laughed, and cried.  We ate incredible meals.  We lounged, and chatted, and worked out.  We found our crunchy bits & moved through them.  We reveled in the glory of 24 women on fire in ritual performance all at the same time. 

We lit so many things on fire, and we came out the other end of the week transformed, cracked open, bound together in sisterhood, and grateful.  With new skills in our back pockets, a list of inspirational things to work on for the future, and memories of whoosh and whirl of fire dancing with sand underfoot, the ocean at our backs, and stars overhead, we physically separated back to our respective homes.


22 women together in one place for 7 days is a incredible thing to witness.  It wasn’t always easy.  Stuff came up.  And we transmuted what happened through our inner flames to be a catalyst for growth. 


The women who came were not lacking in any way upon arrival.  They were and are full, whole, incredible forces of nature who arrived in their power to cocreate magic, with a curiosity to see what they would find in themselves reflected by others during the retreat.


They left fuller, transformed and still whole.  Radiant.  Alive.  And Burning with a renewed passion for life.  


Our sisterhood was a reflection of the connection we inherently know to be that which we cultivate or wish to cultivate in the world.   No one was lacking, no one didn’t have sisterhood or community.  Yet, we found it within hours of arriving.  Starting with the intention of deep connection forges that.  Allowing space for vulnerability, for strength, and to listen and connect with others creates that beautiful cord of connective web. 

Our sisterhood grew because we knew we were brighter with our flames united, and by supporting each other, we can all shine brighter.  


We’ve got fuel.  We’ve got fire.  We’ve got a burning desire.


In Costa Rica, we found ourselves face to face with the elements in their raw forms. 

  • Water in the ocean and the humidity.

  • Earth in the sand under our feet and the food in our bellies. 

  • Air in the winds blowing, sound vibrations carried to ears, and breath. 

  • Fire from the sun, our inner  flames, and the fire we wield dancing in our hands.   

Tuning our senses into these elements brings us into a greater wholeness and embodiment.  We can be present.  We find gratitude for the symbiotic relationship of our place in this universe. 

We are connected.  And we love.  These elements combine to create all that we know.  The magic of our soul, our divine spark, and the blood running in veins adds layers of consciousness to it all so we may find a loving richness.  And we did.  We reveled and played and prayed with it.  

It was divine. 


Every night, we spun fire.  For many, it was their first time ever dancing with fire. 

The element of fire is sacred.  It enables all we have as humans-  that spark of fire cooks hard to digest plants  into easily accepted food sources – it warms our bodies and our homes, it allows for light to see in dark spaces, combustion is a tiny fire that powers engines to move us and our things.  

Holding fire in our hands and DANCING takes courage. 

We face our inherent fears of fire, our bodies reactions to the heat that can burn us.  Sometimes it does.  The heat of fire is alarming.  We get to know fire intimately so we can dance with it, commune with it, and allow it to transform us. 

This takes practice.  

More info on 2020 dates and early bird pricing

So, every night at the the Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat, we danced with fire.  6 nights of hours of fire spinning on the beach.  The last night, we presented our fire for the community at the beach, and ended up dancing with fire in the rain – the only night it rained the whole time – dressed up in goddess tribe adornments and relishing in the elemental bliss.   


Our final performance was not the goal of the retreat. 

It was a way for us to learn to work together, to weave together technique, ritual, choreography, collaboration, solo skills, costuming, connection and celebration and show it off to the world. 


This retreat did not happen for us, it happened to us and with us so we may shine brighter out into the world. 

We did.  And We do.

At the end of the retreat, we realized that the end of the journey was not there. 

This is the beginning of something big. 

This collaboration between us all is magic.  We recognize that our role, Kiki & Gaea,  is to hold space for the unique magic of each and every woman in attendance to shine. 

We share our personal practices and discoveries, our learnings & curiosities, and LOVE to inspire each and every human to be just as bright as they think they can be. And they ARE.

Some of the comments we received from our retreat participants:

“ I became a bigger version of myself, I embodied and connected with my inner flame”

“I never thought I could be so calm with fire all around me!  This has been the most empowering and life-changing experience”.

“Every workshop had purpose and meaning behind it.  Gaea Lady and Kiki were the ultimate space holders for using fire for deep transformative work and that allowed me to go deeper into my own healing.”

I cannot wait for the next one! It was so much fun!”

“To be witnessed, held and celebrated in the sacred space of sisterhood is so healing”

Why Fire?

Fire is alive.  Fire is exciting.  Fire is a medium to connect and build community.  Fire, when embodied as a spiritual practice becomes an offering.  When we connect and share our gifts from a place of fullness, we create something greater than the sum of our parts... Flames burn brighter together.

Together, we rise.  When we work with fire as a spiritual practice, we are confronted by our walls, our masks, our fears and all of our selves. And within this practice, we get to choose to surrender and allow the fire to consume and burn away all that we desire to release, and within this surrender we can then create our heart’s desire.

What is your heart’s desire?

As we celebrate the sisterhood and connecting our inner flames we are calling in the next group of women who are ready to step into the fire and become the BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES.
 Are you ready to Ignite Your Inner Flame?  

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Early Bird Pricing available through the Summer Solstice - June 21, 2020!

Say yes to yourself and manifest the abundance for this experience.  What you give, you get back 10 fold.

Reserve your space in the fire circle with a $500 deposit.  

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Kiki Mason