Edible Alchemy Foods 

Nutritious and local food is essential to healthy individuals & communities.  This retreat experience will be offering the best in locally sources nutritious meals to support our health and wellness from the inside out.  Edible Alchemy cultures a vibrant food community from the ground up.

Plant-Based Meal Options

Eating is a full-body sensory experience.  We will offer a variety of plant-based meals to support our energy needs throughout this retreat.   Mental clarity, grounded energy and cooling delights for delectable and tasty creations.


Nutrient-dense and flavor-filled

Combining highly nutritious foods with tons of flavor options for every palate, our meals aim to wake up your senses and create synergy with your entire digestion system,  leaving you feeling satiated and nurtured.


Locally sourced Whole Foods

We will source as much locally grown foods in their natural state as possible.  The seasonal fruits and vegetables available will be a main food staple during our retreat experience.  This is a time to try new food as Costa Rica has so much to offer.