Don’t fear the light within. May it ignite the Sacred Flame in your soul.
— Paul Coelho

Our Intention for this Retreat:

Our Ultimate Intention is to connect and co-create with others in an environment that promotes safety in self-expression and collaborative leadership within the realm of the fire dancing as an art form and a tool for transformation.  

Fire will be integrated into the experience not only as a dance partner, but as a path to healing.  

We ask that you show up open and willing on this transformational journey.

To Dance with Intention:

The spark of INTENTION fuels the FIRE INSIDE.   From the burning core of INTENTION, we discover our heart's desire, our inner flame... transmuted through the BODY via Intentional movement and flow.  

Constantly we are guided from our CORE: the root of our INTENTION.  

From expressed intention through movement we purpose-FULLY surrender to the FLAME.. and allow ourselves to be transformed from the inside out.  



Why this Fire Retreat?

This retreat will embody you as a flowing fire weaver of magic - whether you are an experienced fire wielder or a new flame.  Designed for all skill levels, Kiki and Gaea Lady will guide you through the art of creating intentional based fire performance via an embodied training experience.  With a deeply rooted desire for ALL to know the transformational healing power of fire, this retreat will delve into the element of fire on many levels : physical, metaphysical, ritual, spiritual, and elemental.   


Beginning on DAY 1, Fire will be introduced, respected and honored as a co-creator of this sacred dance with the flame.  To build a relationship, one must put in time and energy - and we will.  Fire demands our respect, our time and our energy in order to discover its transformational gifts. 

Explore the history, meaning and ceremonial aspects of fire. 

Discover the properties of fire.

Learn to be an open channel for healing as part of  the fire dance ritual.

Dance with Fire to Ignite your Inner Flame.