Located in Beautiful Dominical~ Puntarenas area of Costa Rica





Costa Rica

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful beach locations in Central America. Refreshing ocean water meets the graceful waterfalls, the rhythm of the waves meet the wild vibrancy of the jungle.


The Southern Zone

The Southern Zone is the southern half of the Pacific coast of  Costa Rica, and runs from the beach town of Dominical to the Panama border. The landscape is dramatic, often compared to places like Tahiti and South-east Asia. Sharp mountain peaks, covered in thick forest, plunge down to a sandy coastline of deserted beaches and quiet coves.

Mountain peaks and ridges ripple back from the ocean, with easily accessible waterfalls tucked within them. It’s incredibly lush and green with more than half of the land -and much of the sea- in national parks and reserves. Everything seems bigger and brighter, from the giant flowers in shades of tropical orange and pink to the Blue Morpho butterflies that are as big as your hand!

This area is a haven for wildlife, and what can be most striking is there is never silence in the jungle. The songs of cicadas, all kinds of birds and insects, and of course the unmistakable howler monkeys accompany you through the day and the night. The life force of Nature is palpable and intoxicating.

Pura Vida

If you have ever been to Costa Rica, you will know that the pace of life here has its own flow. This is the land of taking the time to relish in simple things, as well as the awe-inspiring beauty all around. “Pura Vida” is a common greeting and multi-purpose saying that means “Pure Life.” Pura Vida expresses how the magic of this place brings us to a sweetness of appreciation of what is already around us, and within us. You can see the sparkle in the eyes of the locals, and of anyone who visits long enough to let this rhythm become part of them. Here it is easy to settle into our souls, nourish, and rejuvenate deeply.