To build and deepen relationship with FIRE: we focus on the INTENTION of Fire Performance.  We weave in the element of FIRE... 

This in-depth experience dives into the art of fire dancing combined with ritual performance for the most unique FIRE and INTENTIONAL Performance Retreat currently offered.

This All Inclusive Retreat is a unique Fire and Flow embodied experience designed for ALL skill levels. You will be immersed in ALL things FIRE and FLOW and leave feeling nurtured, connected and inspired to LIVE LIFE ON FIRE

What’s included?

  • 8 day/7 night Lodging at Danyasa Retreat Center (see options here).

  • Daily Morning Yoga and Movement Workshops.

  • Daily Evening Fire Play and Ceremony Circles.

  • Daily Afternoon Dance and Ritual Workshops

  • 3 Delicious Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian meals daily by Edible Alchemy.

  • 4-Hour Workshop with Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School.

  • Intention-Setting Practices to take home to serve your life.

  • Co-created Ritual Performance practices in a group setting.

  • Play-based approach to movement and creative expression.

  • Integration day for Free time to explore the surrounding beach and the jungle!

  • Time is Love Service Project, a community project offering.

  • Performance Workshops designed to create dynamic interpersonal connections.

  • Public Performance Opportunity in Dominical


We activate with Dance, Movement, Yoga, Prop integration, Fire Play,  Ritual, and Nourishment each day to ignite your spirit with INTENTION & FIRE.   Classes focus through the lens of intentional movement & integration with the element of fire - enabling you with new ideas, deeper understanding, embodiment, and elemental inspiration.    DAILY you'll experience: 1 Hour of Guided Yoga/Movement practice, 6 Hours of Studio Time for flow and dance/integration/choreography workshops & 1.5 hours of Fire Play.

Example daily schedule:

A divine morning flow practice designed to get you into your body, followed by a delicious breakfast of nourishing, healthy Costa Rican foods.  Our morning 2-3 hour Dance workshop in Danyasa's bamboo studio, then  LUNCH with Edible Alchemy Foods, then free time on your own!  

An Afternoon 3+ hour Movement session in the bamboo studio, followed by a delectable Dinner  by Edible Alchemy.  To ignite your FIRE : an evening fire play/workshop either around the pool area or another tropical outdoor location for diving into the FIRE element.  

The Above will be held at Danyasa Retreat and Eco-Lodge in Dominical, Costa Rica 

Bamboo Studio space at Danyasa Retreat and Eco-Lodge. For more photos:  Danyasa Gallery

Bamboo Studio space at Danyasa Retreat and Eco-Lodge. For more photos: Danyasa Gallery


Feb 12:         Day 1

3:00-6:00 pm

Arrive & get settled

Make your way to Danyasa Eco-resort, meet the staff and get settled in to your room for the week!

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Enjoy your first delicious meal in our retreat dining area and get to know your fellow retreaters

8:00 - 9:00 PM

Opening Ceremony

Introductions and intention setting for the retreat.  Bring something for the community altar.   Fire Meditation + opening ceremony.

9:00 -10:00 PM

Star-Gazing and Night Swim

Optional sharing/swimming in the mermaid pool as we gaze up at the stars and share our personal intentions for the retreat.

10:oo PM-7:00 AM

Quiet Hours

Settle into your new space and help us create a sense of calm and reverence by maintaining quiet time for self-reflection.


Feb 13-18: Day 2-7

7:00-8:00 am

Morning Movement Practice

Mindful movement & yoga In the Bamboo Studio



Edible Alchemy magic.  Manga manga!


Morning Workshops

Open your body & mind

prop-based flow dance workshop in the studio


Lunch & free time

Lunch included in Retreat

3:00 - 5:30 or 6

Afternoon Workshops

Incorporating Intention and Ritual into your Fire Performance


6:00 - 7:30


8:00 - 9:30

Fire Play

Fire safety, fire ritual, fire workshop

10:00pm -7:00 am

Quiet Hours

Self Reflection and Integration

Feb 19:  Day 8

7:00 - 8:00 AM

Morning Movement Practice

Mindful movement & yoga: In the Bamboo Studio



Edible Alchemy magic.  Manga Manga!



Closing circle to complete the Retreat


Check-out of Danyasa Eco-Resort

1:00 pm

*Envision-goers: Shuttle to Envision for Early Arrival Set-up