Props and Costume Info:

 We will co-create a fire ritual performance: so some items will be included and some will be brought by YOU! Below is some information to help you decide what you may want to bring:


Fire Props

For newly sparked or soon-to-be initiated fire goddesses, we will offer simple  fire hand palms and torch props for you to use for our performance.  The flames will be real, yet manageable and easier to learn to dance with since we are on a fast-track to fire goddess.  Working with fire from DAY 1,  you will be surprised how quickly your confidence and comfort level will increase with every fire play opportunity!

If you have props of your own, please bring ones you want to use & ones you are willing to share! 

Interested in investing in new props for this retreat?  Now is the perfect time!  Contact us at and for recommendations if desired.

gaea lady fire.png


The base costumes will mostly be provided by you, however we will have hip wraps and accessories for the group once we know who is attending and what the needs are.  You will be an expression of your inner flame!  If you are a total newbie, we can offer assistance to helping you create your unique costume for our performance.

We will coordinate with common colors and some stylizing in RED, BLACKS & NEUTRALS. It is important to make sure our costumes are fire-safe and follow "best protocol" fire dancers... natural fibers such as cotton, leather and thicker weave fabrics.  More information will follow upon registration.

Simple costumes to decked out glory - all have their boons!  If you're new to costuming - start seeing what natural fiber items pull you from thrift stores, shops, and clothing swaps in your area! 


Makeup and accessories

If you have costume make-up or tribal markers, face jewels, body glitter, facepaint, temporary tattoos PLEASE bring them to share!  We will have some supplies on hand but it is great to have a lot of options to fully create your unique offering.  Wigs, hair accessories are also welcome as long as they are safe for fire dancing.