A Fire and Performance Retreat designed for ALL levels of fire-dancers: from the newly-sparked to the seasoned performers... if you have never tried dancing with fire, we welcome you to your initiation...

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Seek a unique and powerful experience to transform your life and connect to your inner flame.

  • Have never danced with Fire but have felt the calling to dive into the art from an embodied place.

  • Already have a flow and movement practice and are interested in adding the Fire element

  • Have a deep desire to integrate the Fire element into your movement and flow practices

  • Seeking a more ritual and integrated approach to fire spinning

  • Desire to create more intention and ritual into your fire and flow expressions

  • Seek a community-based fire dancing approach to performances

  • Long to celebrate the success of your fire performers in a collaborative way

  • Want to learn some technical and flow-based skills using a variety of props

  • Have an open mind and a willingness to participate fully within a group setting

Workshops will focus on creating intentional movement practices to develop a deeply grounded approach to fire dancing. These embodiment practices will hone our awareness to facilitate a playful and connected experience. 

A fire, flow and ritual framework for embodied performance workshops:

  • The Art of Play: A Zen Approach to Fire and Flow Props

  • Fire as a Moving Meditation

  • Integrating Ritual in your Flow: take your Fire dance to the NEXT level with Intention and Ritual

  • Flow Infusion: How to incorporate flow with any prop

  • Poi Foundations and self expression

  • Ecstatic Hoop Dance

  • Bellydance Spins and turns

  • Silk Veil Dance

  • Unveiling your Inner Flame through the lens of Temple Body Arts

  • Fire Ceremony basics: how to hold space and create a fire offering

  • Fire Safety Basics

  • Creating Intentional Performance within Fire Spinning : Deep Dive into offering your heart's desire

  • Multi-Prop Play with Group Choreography

  • Designing Dynamic and Ritual-based Group Performances

  • Creating community and connections within your fire performance

  • Awaken your inner Lalita, the Goddess of spiritual eroticism : Temple Body Arts Journey guided by Sofiah Thom


Silk Veil WORKSHOP: The art of the Veildance with weighted veils


THe Magic of the Poi dance: One and two poi

poi hoop flow.jpg

The ARt of Play with Kiki

Creating intentional Performance



fireritual danyasa.jpg

Fire ritual ceremony


Awaken your inner Lalita, the Goddess of spiritual eroticism : Temple Body Arts Journey guided by Sofiah Thom